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iFLIPchart - Virtual Flipchart/Whiteboard:

An easy-to-use virtual flip-chart or whiteboard for making notes, sketches or drawings. Start with either a blank sheet or a picture from your camera roll as background. Great for sketching from scratch or on existing pictures. With multiple pen tools and colors, iFLIPchart is a great way to make drawings in either portrait or landscape orientation. Output can be Emailed or saved to the camera roll. Multiple pages make it easy to work on multiple drawings. Tools include pen width, colors, undo/redo/clear, shapes, eraser, drag (or two-finger scroll) and line drawing. Images produced are height of portrait view and width of landscape view. Scrolling is enabled side-to-side for portrait and top-to-bottom in landscape. Two-finger scrolling can be used while in the pen mode.

Download iFLIPchart at the iTunes App Store

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MyMeetingPro - MMP Meeting Facilitator for iPhone/iPad:

Many managers and employees report spending 30-70% of their time in some form of meeting. Yet, attendees report that 10-50% of their time could be saved if meetings were run more effectively and efficiently. Many times meetings are places where we discuss until we’re disgusted.

Common complaints for meetings include:
No clear purpose
No agenda
Don’t stay on topic
No outcome/documentation of action items and decisions

If you ask meeting leaders why they didn’t have an agenda or distribute meeting summaries, they often blame a lack of time. This iPad and iPhone App can help build agreements that stick, capture precious time, and streamline meeting efficiency.
Are you frustrated with meetings? Most attendees and many facilitators are. MMP simplifies the process so any facilitator can look like a meeting pro without having to become a meeting pro. This app helps meeting leaders deal with the most common frustrations with business meetings.

Download MyMeetingPro at the iTunes App Store

MMP Cost - Meeting Calculator:

MMP Cost is a part of the MyMeetingPro suite of effective meeting tools for mobile devices. MMP Cost calculates the overall cost of conducting meetings. Most meeting participants are frustrated by the inefficiency, lack of effectiveness and general waste of time for many business meetings. MMP Cost helps meeting participants and facilitators build awareness of the cost of meetings with the goal of creating a sense of urgency to improve effectiveness.

   -Calculates the overall cost of meetings
   -Enter the average hourly or yearly wage of attendees
   -Save your top 3 meeting setups
   -Tracks time remaining and elapsed time during meeting
   -Records actual meeting start time
   -Progress bar tracks overall progress vs total allotted time for meeting
   -Ability to pause and restart meeting calculator

Now available for the iPad, iPhone and BlackBerry PlayBook

MMP Plan:

MMP Plan is a part of the MyMeetingPro suite of effective meeting tools for mobile devices. MMP Plan integrates scheduling, including attendees (invitees) through Outlook if an Exchange Calendar is utilized. After scheduling and entering an objective, adding attendees as well as agenda items (with Duration), an email with all this information can be immediately generated to communicate this information with attendees.

   -Choose Attendees from Contacts
   -Enter Objective, Agenda Items and Duration
   -Generates an email to communicate with attendees

Download MMP Plan at the iTunes App Store

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