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Dale Perryman

Dale A business trainer and consultant for 15 years, Dale Perryman has consulted and trained for some of the largest corporations in the world. As a consultant for Johnson & Johnson, Dale brought leadership training into the company just named number one (with IBM) in U.S. leadership development (Chief Executive Magazine's Annual Top 20 Companies for Leaders, October 2003). At age 20, Dale started teaching college classes. After receiving a Master's degree from Oklahoma State University and teaching Introduction to Speech Communication for 2 years at OSU, he moved to the Dallas area and worked as a full-time trainer for LTV Missiles and Electronics Group and ARCO Oil and Gas Company. While there he conducted 183 days of training in fourteen cities, eight states, and one foreign country in a single year. In early 1993, possibly a bit tired, Dale founded the Center for Organizational Learning. Over the years Dale has spoken to many diverse audiences, from bikers to pastors to prison inmates to leadership camps to corporate executives.

Dale Perryman
Center for Organizational Learning
5937 E. University Blvd., #130
Dallas, TX 75206